Wednesday, 13 November 2013

De Wereld draait buiten festival, Westerpark 7 July 2013

Ok I don’t speak enough Dutch. Correct that any Dutch, but I do enjoy watching de Wereld draait door television program with my girlfriend and it is only one of a few that I do.

So when this show announced that it would be supporting a festival which included Vampire Weekend, at the park near my house, I jumped at the chance to go with both hands.

First off was to convince a couple of my good friends to come along, Dutch girlfriend, check and then I recruited two very close Dutch friends who I had previously seen Vampire Weekend with so they were always going to be a chance to go. On top of that it was a great opportunity for a lovely Japanese friend to be exposed to some Dutch culture.

Now what would become noticeable on the day was that I wouldn’t know all the acts but having lived in Holland for a while now, I did recognize a few of the European acts.

The day started with a Dutch band, The Opposites. They could be described to be as the Dutch “Hilltop Hoods”….. they had me at Hilltop!!!!! Now at the early part of the day that these guys took the main stage I was still in my lazy phase and I chose to watch them from afar, but they were good. Yes it is in Dutch but don’t let that scare you off, I have learnt that that Hip Hop transcends language and once again that’s exactly what it did here.

Next up was Trixie Whitley in the round watch tower. She was a very solid enjoyable performer who reminded me of Robyn from Sweden and who I would say in the right setting and venue would be very much worth another look.

Then there may have been a lull in the bands/ performers that I went to see, leaving m y Dutch friends to wonder off and enjoy themselves as I soaked up the rays drinking the festival atmosphere.

The next band that I went to see I was genuinely interested in watching and that was the Belgium outfit called Triggerfinger. Now these guys are interesting to say the least. Now what (I believe) most people will know them for the best is a cover of a Lykke Li song "I follow rivers" which it is fair to say is reasonably stripped back. But lucky for me this is not exactly what I expected for the total show, THESE BLOKES ROCK and the show was very much lights and all with massive rifts and energy. I really loved every moment of the show and really longed for more. And whatever happens I will make sure I catch these guys again.

Then it was on to watch Vampire Weekend. And true to Dutch crowds form the place was nowhere near as busy as I expected and the set was also very much a 45 min festival show. But it was fun and we were all drunk and to be fair I am not sure which I enjoyed more, the new songs (which are really good) the old songs that we have danced to before or the closing song (not actually being performed by Vampire Weekend, but rather old Blue Eyes – New York New York). And all four of us danced the house down.

The last act that I caught from afar was Ben Howard and he was as mundane as he was the last few times I have seen him. Can I be clear it is not that he is bad rather that the songs are not my cup of tea. So needless to say I watched from afar and I didn’t mind leaving whilst he was playing in the background.

All up it was a really good day of music, sunshine and good friends, oh and mix in a couple of cheeky beers and everyone’s a winner!


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