Saturday, 31 March 2012

Dispatch: Melkweg 28 March 2012

There are some days when you think you've seen it all before and you know all the tricks. And then there are other days when you get introduced to a new world that you never knew existed.

On this night, that world was the small stage at the Melkweg and in it we found 500 people who were apparently the biggest Dispatch fans in the world. Until several hours before the show we had not even heard of Dispatch. But right from song one through to the double encore, these guys knew every word to every song and jumped and danced and screamed like this was the live music event of 2012.

The funny thing is, Dispatch aren't really the best band in the world. I have seen plenty of more talented musicians and I have seen plenty of bands that have sold more records. But sometimes it is good to be reminded that this is also meant to be fun. Everyone came to this show to have a good time, including the band and that is exactly what every single person there got. Good old fashioned, crazy, fun.

Dispatch: Open Up, with dance moves.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Cloud Control - 20 February 2012, Bitterzoet

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A Monday night show can always be hit or miss. At worst you have a lack luster crowd who struggle to get into a band that have been on the road so long they’re not even sure what day of the week it is.

But at best, it can pick a crowd up from its post weekend blues and get them moving and grooving, and forgetting about everything else that needs to get done before the next weekend arrives. Cloud Control did everything they could to get a good size crowd moving and it has to be said that for the most part, the crowd loved it.

Review: The War on Drugs

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The animated stage presence of Adam Granduciel, this is about as exciting as The War on Drugs got all night.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Echo & the Bunnymen - 21 January 2012, Paradiso

Echo & the Bunnymen attempt a two-album set at Paradiso

Every now and then a band tours Amsterdam that I feel I should know more about. The most recent one came in the form of Echo and the Bunnymen (EATBM).

JV's Top Shows of 2011

So it is that time of year when I look back on the year that was and realize how many great bands I got to see play in the Netherlands.

Usually the top 5 bands of the year are ones which I have been really waiting and anticipating them and most times they don’t disappoint. Occasionally they do, and you know who you are Lykke Li. One noticeable fact is that the top 5 shows were all performed in the Paradiso and to quote Faithless “this is my Church, this is where I heal my hurt”. I love the Paradiso and that probably adds to the romance of a fantastic performance.

Monday, 26 March 2012

JP's Top 5 Shows of 2011

The main reason for wanting to start a blog was partly just for some fun and partly to have something that documents where so much of our time, money and conversations are spent.
So what better way to start than to reminisce about the year that was, and where so much of said time, money and discussions were spent during 2011. So with much thought and some debate, I present my Top 5 shows of 2011. Please feel free to comment, challenge, add to or just ignore.