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Shearwater – Sugar factory, 6 July 2012

Sugar factory, 6 July 2012

It was a Friday night and I had a ticket to a gig, in a new venue (for me - The Sugar Factory) for a band with reasonable amounts of music industry hype surrounding them and furthermore they had no schedule to return to my European shores in quite a while. What more could you ask for?

With all those positive factors all aligning I headed out for the evening to watch an American band hailing from Austin, Texas called Shearwater perform. As I am accustom to do, I got to the venue rather early to stake out a spot, it became evident right from the start of the evening that this not going to be massively necessary as it was clearly not a sellout. That being said it was still a good crowd but I found it very easy to move around and take some happy snaps and really enjoy the show.

On the night I was taken by the band’s sound, this was in contrast to when I had listened to them online, to which I thought they were okay, but the sound was a little generic. Live there is a more exciting sound, one that has you stop and really listen to them. One that makes you stop and ask who is that?

And there my friends, is what I believe generates the hype. Shearwater live have the ‘where did that come from’ factor. On top of that, these guys seem to be pretty tight together, and they looked like they were just having fun, how can anyone not like that. Did I go and buy all their albums after the show, no. But am I interested in hearing more, yes.

Finally would I go and see them when they pass through Amsterdam again? You better believe it.


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